La Lupita

La Lupita

White Grape, Honey, Hibiscus




La Paz


Parainema & Catuai


1,350 - 1,700 masl




Finca La Lupita is owned and operated by Ednar Mendez, a 4th generation coffee farmer who has been apart of the coffee community in La Paz his entire life. The farm is named in honor of Ednar’s young daughter and the coffees he grows there reflect the passion and skill of his work. We were immediately taken by his honey-processed lot; it brews a cup that is floral, sweet, and shines with almost any brewing method.


Aeropress, Chemex, Kalita Wave

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Ednar Mendez embodies the best of next-generation coffee resilience and co-op supported sustainability. After growing up learning about coffee cultivation from his father and grandfather he worked with the La Paz-based cooperative Pacayal, who supported him finishing his high school degree. The co-op continues to provide his farm essential access to the specialty market, and he has become a leader in the co-op directing their quality control and export departments.

The Pacayal cooperative has it’s own unique origin story that started during the 2013 roya outbreak in Latin America. As Honduras braced for widespread crop loss and many considered leaving the industry all together, Edgar and Karen Carillo saw the potential in focusing on high-quality coffee to combat the disease. They founded Pacayal in 2014, providing high-premium market access and technical support to 134 farmers and their families in La Paz. Their motto is “quality does not suffer crisis,” an attitude that has helped farmers like Ednar to continue a sustainable livelihood in coffee agriculture.