Oswaldo Ruiz, Ecuador

Oswaldo Ruiz, Ecuador

Ripe mango, apricot, nougat








6000 ft (1825 meters)


Washed processed


The cup character is intensely fruit forward, with notes of ripe mango and apricot present at the start, and nougat, caramel and almond in the finish. This coffee shines in particular as a pour over and we recommend brewing delicately and with intention on aeropress or a flat bottom pour over brewer such as Kalita Wave or the Gabi Master A we employ in our Ladd’s Addition shop.


Aeropress, Kalita Wave, Gabi Master A

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For the second year in a row we have purchased the harvest from Oswaldo Ruiz’s coffee farm high up in Pichincha Province, Ecuador. This coffee is grown on a steep parcel that is so small that to name the farm may seem a bit generous — hence the coffee being named after the producer. And so small that the production is just over 200 lbs in total volume, about as small of a yield as one will find anywhere.

This lot benefits from a variety of factors. The growing parcel is located at the extreme high end of possible coffee growing elevations, and resulting the twin growing challenges to the plant are a large diurnal swing and a limited oxygen environment. This challenge is a good thing, it results in a denser, sweeter, more flavorful bean.

Additionally the variety planted across the farm is entirely Caturra, an old, low-yield, non-disease resistant variety that is only grown when there is either a focus on quality. Or when an area is remote enough to have never seen newer, lower-quality-but-resilient hybrid varieties implemented. In the case of this farm, the reason tends to be a little of both, a bit of good fortune for those of us that get to enjoy these coffees.