Bita Keffa, Ethiopia
Bita Keffa, Ethiopia
Bita Keffa, Ethiopia

Bita Keffa, Ethiopia

Guava, Honey, Lilac




Bita, Keffa Region, SNNPR




1,880 - 2,000 meters




This natural is not the usual fruit-bomb. Expect a more dense, flavorful cup that highlights florals & honeys over loud jammy flavors. We think this coffee reaches it's full potential when it's rested about 7-10 days post roast, at 1:18 ratio for a more thorough extraction.


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This year is a first for us with Dinkelam Adema's coffees. He runs his washing station and farm in the western end of the SSNPR in his native Keffa. This particular lot is a collection of picks from the Bita farming community who process and sell their coffees at Dinkelam's mill – providing a snapshot of the regional coffee terroir along with the care in processing at the washing site.

What struck us about his coffee initially was a loud tropical note, like pineapple or guava, that stood out in the front. But as we've worked to dial in this dense seed we've realized it's a heavy honey sweetness that defines the cup. The more we come back to it, the more captivating it's become – a delicious exchange of tropical pop and mouth-coating sweetness, without the loud boozy berry notes that can overpower some natural processes.