Cordillera Termico

Cordillera Termico

Orange Marmalade, Strawberry, Cinnamon


Costa Rica




Caturra and Catuai


1700 meters




This is Upper Left’s 3rd year working with Luis Campos and his harvest at the Cordillera de Fuego mill and farm. Luis’ experimental coffees are exactly what we look for in our limited offerings: out-of-the-ordinary and wildly delicious. This special lot combines the universal appeal of Costa Rica’s classic coffee profile with a modern, unconventional processing approach.


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Cordillera de Fuego was founded by Luis Campos in 1984 and has secured its place as one of the most inventive farms in the Tarrazu region. For the past 15 years, Luis explored and mastered new processing methods like carbonic maceration, thermic, and anaerobic fermentations to uniquely impact the flavor profiles of his coffees. The farm is also focused on being a leader in the coffee sector’s carbon impact - 100% of their main office and over 50% of the farm’s wet mill is run off solar energy generated on the farm.

The “termico” process originated with Luis at Cordillera de Fuego. Ripe coffee is semi-pulped and heated as the coffee mucilage is added back in a controlled, sealed environment. This step partially caramelizes the seeds and accelerates the fermentation already naturally occurring in the coffee. After an extended period of time at a high temperature in the mill’s tanks, the coffee is cleaned and dried to be prepared for export. The final product is imbued with wild cinnamon-spice notes and a deep jam-like sweetness