Kahete, Kenya

Kahete, Kenya

Tamarind, Dried Blueberry, Slightly Floral, Juicy & Fruit Forward






SL 28, Batian & Ruiru 11


1,600 meter




One of our favorite picks of the Kenyan Harvest this year – and at it's freshest. A super clean, delicate roast but with a surprising amount of fruit character that make for a truly delicious cup.

Best served 7-14 days after roast, after this dense coffee has had time to rest and de-gas.


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The Kahete Factory operates under the management of the Rwaikamba Farmers Cooperative, made up of around 600 farmers in the region. In typical Kenyan fashion, this lot was treated to a thorough prep at the mill - 72 hours of processing in total. This coffee’s freshness & heavy washing give it a loud pop and some really fun tropical notes that remind us of tamarind, papaya & a little floral sweetness.

The Kenyan 72 hour washing process in detail: as coffee cherry is harvested it is brought to the factory and then weighed. Smallholder farmers collect their earnings at that time. Coffee cherry is then sent through a disk depulper removing most of the fruit, fermented for 24-hours, washed & left to ferment again for roughly 24 more hours without water. After this the coffee is placed back in a water bath for a final 12-18 hours. Then comes drying the coffee seeds: the time in which parchment coffee dries heavily depends on the climate, ambient temperature, and volume being processed which could take up to 15 days and as little as one week. Once dried the coffee is bagged and stored until it finds it's container vessel leaving Mombasa.