Sareji, Ethiopia

Sareji, Ethiopia

Apple Soda, Cherry Jam, Lemon Zest




Guji, Oromia


local landrance


6500 ft.




- Coffee grown on micro "back yard" farms, and picked by the farmer-owners themselves.
- During the multi day raised-bed drying stage, coffee is covered during from noon-3pm to allow for a gentle and even drying process
- A first-year separation from Sareji Abude Madena village in Guji,one of Ethiopia's premier growing regions located just 186 miles from the border with Kenya.


Espresso, Pour Over

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Ethiopia lays claim to many superlatives in the field of coffee. It's the likely birthplace and genetic home of the Coffee arabica plant itself. The (not unrelated) most consistently high-quality output of all major producing nations. And also, not to be overlooked, a reverent and ubiquitous local consumption culture.

Despite these superlatives, when seeking an Ethiopian coffee the American consumer sees many names repeated, as the same lots hit US warehouses like clockwork each year. It seems at times that highly regarded roasters are playing hot potato with the Ethiopia’s finest output, rotating lots (such as our Nansebo Worka) year to year based on quality or quite possibly the whims of green coffee buyers.

With this context, we present to you Sareji. You haven’t heard this name before, because this is the first year this lot has been separated rather than blended away with other coffees from the surrounding Guji region. And lucky you, because you haven’t tasted anything like this either.

Sareji is set apart by a round body that makes it particularly suitable for espresso, where it performs easily due to an ever-present sweetness. When brewed as a filter coffee, complexity shines through and notes of apple soda and cherry jam linger on the palate. In contrast to the floral, citrus, and tropical fruit profiles of our typical washed Ethiopian offerings, this coffee has undeniable mass appeal and is perfect for enjoying with friends.