Tadesse Yonka

Tadesse Yonka

Blood orange, marionberry, plum cider




Bensa, Sidama


Landrace Ethiopian


2,550 meterrs




A naturally-processed coffee prepared on raised African beds - a cleaner drying technique applied to the coffee cherry right as it comes off the branch, that results in a fruit-forward cup that has stunning clarity and complexity.


Pour over & espresso

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Tadesse Yonka is the expert behind this exceptional lot. He has worked in the Sidama region of Ethiopia for more than 20 years, and owns the Gamacho washing station in Bensa that produced this coffee.

His time working in the farming communities of highland Ethiopia has proven that the key to quality is direct communication with the people who grow it. He readily provides support & feedback to the farmers who partner with his mill, like in funding for nurseries to specialized agricultural training - ensuring that cherry is delivered at a higher standard than the rest of the region.

This selection is naturally processed - meaning the cherry is left to dry on the seed after harvest. This sometimes inconsistent method is perfected at Gamacho with the use of raised, mesh drying tables that give the cherry adequate breathing room to dry cleaner, and develop a complex set of floral notes and juicy fruit-sweetness in the seed.
Tadesse Yonka, owner of the Gamacho washing station in Bensa, Sidama.