Buesaco, Colombia

Buesaco, Colombia

Agave, Orange, Pear








6100 ft (1860 meters)


Washed processed and shade dried


Buesaco is of the Caturra variety, a type found rarely outside of Colombia. Due to it’s fruit forward profile we source this variety as often as possible, particularly when available as a variety separation. Caturra is a special treat when grown under such ideal conditions as those practiced at Finca El Sauce, and bringing extraordinary sweetness and floral notes. Brewed under delicate conditions utilizing methods such as an aeropress or pour over, notes of rose will jump out of the cup, and with heavy grape and apricot when brewed as espresso or french press.


Pour over, aeropress, chemex

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Finca Sauce, near Buesaco, Nariño, has been passed from generation to generation. The first generation who started cultivating coffee was Arturo’s grandfather, Don Efrain Chavez, and from there onward it was passed to the second and third generation managing the farm today, where Don Arturo Guzman has been cultivating coffee for 18 years. The farm is in excellent condition, with proper wet mill infrastructure for processing coffee, including a freshwater stream that provides clean water for washing coffee.

The farm has further optimal coffee growing conditions: high elevation, temperate climate, and close by to the dry mill and other resources in the town of Buesaco. Finca Sauce plants orange, lime, lemon, and bananas as shade between the coffee trees, but coffee is the only cash crop cultivated for export.