Finca San Jose, Colombia

Finca San Jose, Colombia

Sweet Apple, Green Tea, White Grape








5550 ft.


Yellow Honey


Upper Left's 2019 lot from Finca San Jose owes it's sweet, fruit-forward character to refined growing practices and extraordinary excellence in processing. In this case, processed using the yellow honey method. Yellow honey is among the most subtle of the honey processes, with just a small layer of mucilage remaining on the bean when left to dry. The result is a cup of exceptional sweetness that also presents a subtle ferment character.

An extraordinary example of a non-traditionally processed coffee from the Western Hemisphere, we are proud to serve the Finca San Jose, Colombia as a single origin espresso and as a component in our year-round Colombia offering, Paisa.


Finca San Jose, Colombia comes to us from Mr. Gilberto Osario who grows Caturra, Tabi, and hybrid variety coffees on his fourth generation farm in Risaralda Department. The farm is located at 5700 ft above sea level and is near Nevada de Santa Isabel, a volcano that is 16,240 feet in elevation, as well as, the village of Santa Rosa de Cabal, a long-time coffee town. Finca San Jose is the first coffee from Risaralda to be offered by Upper Left, and our second honey processed coffee.