Kiriga, Kenya

Kiriga, Kenya

Sweet Blackberry, Orange Blossom, Sungold




Kiambu County


SL28, SL 34, Ruiri 11


4950 ft.


Washed processed and sun dried


This coffee provides the flavor experience of late summer at it’s best - many of the sweetest and greatest hits from the garden, orchard, and grove make an appearance. A delicate brew
serves this offering best - Aeropress or pour over technique will bring its dazzling complexity to life.


Pour over, Aeropress, espresso

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Upper Left’s Kenyan selection for 2019 comes to us from the Kiriga estate in Kiambu County, Kenya. The estate is owned and operated by Dr Brian Gakunga, a second generation farmer
who has held numerous positions in esteemed Kenyan coffee and trade organizations. Founded in 1954, the estate is located along the Chania River near the town of Thika. The farm
diverts water for it’s operation as needed from a dammed area that is visited on occasion by hippopotamus.

The estate takes innumerable measures to ensure high quality in their product, including cultivation dominated by the famed Kenyan SL-28 variety, cherry color sorted prior to de-
pulping, processing using clean river water, and sun drying on raised beds.