Veracruz, Mexico

Veracruz, Mexico

Butterscotch, Date & Pecan




Barranca Grande, Cosaultan


Bourbon, Sarchimor & CR-95


1350 meters




We love Mexican coffee. Mexican origins were the gold standard when we started in specialty coffee - consistent, sugary & supremely balanced. This Veracruz lot is that ideal cup, done even better. Buttery and rich, but matched with a clean, mellow acidity that makes for a super rounded cup.

APG, a Mexican exporter based in Coatepec, worked with our friends at Red Fox Merchants to source this community lot from Barranca Grande.


The municipality of Cosautlán is located in the central mountainous area of the state, with flatlands and deep canyons as the defining topographic features. The town of Cosautlán was a Totonac town and its name comes from the Nahuatl Kosauh-tlan which means "golden place." The main source of income for the population is agriculture, with coffee as the primary crop. The coffee farms are very close to the city, making transportation quick and easy.

Every February 2, the religious festival of the Virgin of Candelaria, the patron saint of the town, is celebrated. In this iconic area where tradition and ancestral knowledge coexist with new modernization trends, the natural result is a coffee of exceptional quality.