90 Hour Tabi, Colombia

90 Hour Tabi, Colombia

Cranberry, pomegranate, creamy, sweet & bright




Planadas, Tolima


Tabi Hybrid


1,650 meters


90 Hour Sealed Fermention, Whole Cherry


A selection of a single varietal, Tabi – a plant bred in Colombia for it’s incredible cup profile. Fresh cherry is treated to a two day long sealed fermentation, creating juicy sweetness & complex flavor.


Pour over & espresso

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We're calling this the 90 Hour Tabi - "90 Hour" referring to the fact that it was fermented for two days, underwater in a sealed tank, full-cherry. That technically makes it an anaerobic-style process, but with this coffee the flavor is less cinnamon/spice and more creamy, big mouthfeel, and a pretty mild but super sweet cranberry/pomegranate fruit note.

Tabi is a newer coffee variety cultivated in Colombia, originating in Tolima. It’s a hybrid of the Timor, Typica & Bourbon coffee varietals - created to make a better coffee profile and a plant that was more resistant to disease and pests.

Tolima is a coffee region just south of Bogota & on the east side of the big mountain range that runs up the center of the country. This is, no exaggeration, one of our favorite coffee growing region ever, maybe even more than some of those super stellar Ethiopian regions we’ve sourced from.

Jorge Rojas manages the farm were this coffee is from, La Roca. He’s the same age as me and has been managing the farm since his dad passed it to him when he was 12. My friends at the importer we get this coffee from says he’s kinda amazing. He’s also the main quality manager for ASOPEP, the exporter who mills and ships it from Tolima.