El Mirador Anaerobic Pink Bourbon

El Mirador Anaerobic Pink Bourbon

Cranberry, Guava, Spearmint & Verbena Mouthfeel, Complex & Fruit-forward




Acevado, Huila


Pink Bourbon


1,500 meters


Anaerobic Natural


Our first harvest season working with Quatro Ventos & the owner of El Mirador, Miller Bustos. We're incredibly excited by this coffee's complexity & the mouthfeel created by this coveted varietal and nuanced fermenting.

A super versatile cup — a heavy extraction will brew syrupy fruit notes; a lesser extraction will create some brighter berry & floral lemony flavor.


This particular pick is grown on Miller Bustos' four-hectare farm, El Mirador – the name was passed on for three generations in his family from the original owners. At peak harvest, the farm employs about 10-12 workers and picks, processes, and dries each day's harvest, all on the farm's property. This coffee is anaerobically fermented using natural processing, meaning the cherries were washed and then sealed in an airtight container for several days, allowing that batch of coffee to ferment without oxygen. Different yeasts and microbes abound, creating a bright, sugary flavor and a creamy, super tangible mouthfeel. After this fermentation period, the coffee is dried, hulled, and stored away for export.

Pink Bourbon is technically an Ethiopian landrace variety or a relative of that but was "discovered" and popularized in Southern Huila in the 80s for its resistance to coffee leaf disease. It's since become a coveted competition coffee, synonymous with complex, high-quality harvests that create tropical/floral palates of flavor in the cup.