Paisa, Colombia
Paisa, Colombia

Paisa, Colombia

Cherry, Plum, Dark Chocolate




Tolima, Huila, Antioquia


Caturra, castillo


5500 ft.




Sweet cherry and apple, balanced and versatile


Colombia is generally considered only second to Ethiopia for consistent quality and variety of coffees. The country's high-elevation territories and its well-researched agriculture have long allowed its coffees to stand out.

Equally important, perhaps, is how central the beverage is in Colombian culture. Great coffee is a matter of national pride, especially in the sweet, high-elevation profile that's typical of Huila. This region is the largest source of coffees for Upper Left, while its neighbors Narino, Tolima, and Antioquia often supply us with their delicious offerings as well.

Since day one at Upper Left, Colombian coffees have had a strong presence on our menu and been a favorite among our customers and staff. Colombia harvests and ships coffee year-round—one of the only nations to do so—so there is always fresh Colombian coffee available. Coffee from Huila and Antioquia arrives in mid-winter, with arrivals from Narino and Tolima in the fall.