Ribang Gayo Natural

Ribang Gayo Natural

Blueberry, Cranberry, Sweet Clove, Herbal & Floral Finish




Musara Village, Aceh Province, Sumatra


Abyssinia, Ateng, Gayo 1, Gayo 2 & Timtim


1,700 meters




Super herbal "Giling Basah" (wet-hulled) is what your probably used to from Sumatran coffee. This lot is defiantly natural – loudly fruit-forward, but with the subtle herbal flavors typical of these Indonesian varietals.

Roasted lighter to accentuate that fruit/floral character; we've been enjoying this cup at a 1:15 ratio with a slightly finer grind to push the extraction.


Pour over, french press

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The Ribang Gayo Co-op was founded in 2018 by Asman Arianto - this coffee was processed at their new wet mill built in 2020. Asman has focused on processing methods not typical to Sumatran coffee like natural and pulped honey – adding value and quality to the Aceh coffee region's harvest. On top of that, the cooperative support and training to the region has close to double most yields of it's smallholder members.

Indonesia is perhaps best known for its unique wet hulling process (giling basah). Though its exact origins are unclear, wet hulling most likely originated in Aceh during the late 1970s. Wet hulling’s popularity can be attributed to producers’ need for prompt payments. It was also adopted specifically by many producers who lacked the drying infrastructure that was needed to shelter drying parchment from the high humidity and inconsistent rainfall typical in Sumatra.

Growers like Asman are creating new market value for Indonesia in the global coffee trade – we're excited to showcase this classic country profile in a new light.