Sedaqa Olonso Spontaneous Fermentation

Sedaqa Olonso Spontaneous Fermentation

Papaya, Jasmine Flower, Red Grapefruit




Bona Zuria, Sidama


Heirloom Ethiopian Varietals


1,900-2,300 Meters


Spontaneous Fermentation / Washed


Big floral flavors from a contained fermentation of wild, native yeasts give this cup a sweet pop. A concentrated brewing brings out a juicy, papaya-like tropical fruit body.


Kalita Wave, Pour Over, Chemex

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This fermenting technique taste like a washed Ethiopian coffee - with louder floral flavors. To make it, the processors at Sedaqa first feed the cherry into a disk-pulper to separate the seeds from the cherry pulp. The coffee is then transported to ferment tanks where, instead of submerging the coffee in water, the coffee is heaped into the tanks dry. This exposes pulpy seeds to a higher concentration of wild yeasts, bacteria & microbes in the air, creating a wilder, more spontaneous fermenting cycle. The coffee is flushed with water and raked through water channels until it runs clear, then taken to dry.

Sedaqa is a very new milling station built in 2019. The mill receives +400 farmer’s harvests in the area. Each of these farmers probably only average about 2-3 bags of coffee grown each year so for a lot of growers in the community this is one of the multiple crops they grow, but an important one. Having a washing station like the Sedaqa mill within the area means that they do not have to trek so far with their cherries, which besides being much more convenient and efficient, enables the cherries to reach the station while still at their peak of freshness.