Brew Guide




Scale, paddle, kettle, timer, grinder, serving carafe

Step 1

Weigh out 17.5g of coffee

Step 2

Preheat aeropress using hot water, rinse filter, and dispose of rinse water

Step 3

Bring roughly 1 1⁄2 cups of water to a boil

Step 4

Allow water to rest uncovered for ~2:30 minutes (for a final brewing temp. of 185°)

Step 5

While water is cooling: grind and dose coffee, set timer for 1:45

Step 6

As soon as water is ready: decant 35g water and start timer.

Step 7

Give your slurry five quick and vigorous stirs with paddle.

Step 8

Allow slurry to bloom for 25 seconds (until timer reads 1:20)

Step 9

Decant 270g water and put the top piece of the aeropress into place

Step 10

When timer reads 1:00 apply moderate, consistent, downward pressure to the plunger. Adjust your pace on subsequent attempts so that you reach the bottom just as the timer reaches 0:00. 

Step 11

Adjust grind to taste.