Upper Left Roasters is Southeast Portland’s newest café and roastery.

We serve our own single-origin espresso and pour-over coffee, and have an evolving menu of toasts and open-face sandwiches.

If you can’t make it into the café, you can have our coffee delivered to you:

Shop for Coffee

Mid morning, looking South-East

Flower Delivery

Flowers in a customer’s backpack on opening day.

Ladd's Edition Diagram

Swing by for a cup.

1204 SE Clay Street
(503) 477-8469
Coffee and a good book

Mid-morning coffee, a fresh pastry and some nonfiction.

Door vinyl

One with cucumber and cream cheese and another with a spread of butter and seasonal preserves.

Roast Variety on Opening Day

Chris Alspach manning the Proaster

Walnut Raisin

Ricotta, honey, with a seasonal addition, fig.

Country Wheat

Avocado, radish, poached egg.

Tofu Salad

Heirloom tomatoes over tofu salad with fresh greens.

There are ten of us in all, but we thought you’d like to know about the founders:

  • Katherine Harris, partner
  • Jim Harris, the other partner
  • Kristin Harris, Jim’s partner
  • Chris Alspach, lead roaster

Come for the coffee— but stay for a conversation. We’d love to share our story with you.

Catherine Harris


Chris Alspach

Our roastmaster

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the bounty of Ladd’s Addition, Portland, and the greater Pacific Northwest. To the friendly faces of our neighbors and the tireless purveyors of the region’s renowned produce, we are greatly indebted.

Roses in Ladd's Addition

A beautiful rose garden lies just blocks from Upper Left, in the center of Ladd’s Addition.

Ladd’s Addition

Incredible foliage in Ladd’s Addition.

Hawthorne Boulevard

Looking back down into South-East Portland from Hawthorne Boulevard.