Sunny Daze

Sunny Daze

The Summer Blend – Buttery Orange Pastry, Sweet Florals, Hazelnut


Ethiopia & Honduras


Limmu, Sidama & Corquin




1,600 — 2,300 meters


Washed & Natural


Juicy, bright origins in equal parts, roasted lightly and slightly longer to extract some seriously delicious sweetness. This is our cheers to another great Oregon summer, so take a cup to the coast, on a drive through the Gorge, up n’ over the Cascades — it's summertime, baby!



The Honduras component of this blend is a community lot from the CAFICO growers group in southern Copan. It is regenerative organic certified grown using regionally common coffee varietals like Caturra, Pacas, and Catuai – treated to a classic full washing at the mill. It contributes a bold, nutty base to the blend.

The Ethiopian component is a single mill / single farm lot from the Koye Farm in Gomma, Limmu. Koye Farm is owned by brothers Mustefa and Musa Abalulessa, this selection is a washed lot that was processed and dried on raised beds at the farm mill. This coffee lends a floral/citrus-y quality to the coffee.