The Cafe Standard – Maraschino Cherry, Chocolate, Caramel, Balanced & Creamy


Brazil, Peru & Ethiopia


Cerado Minero, Cajamarca & Sidama.


1,300 - 2,100 MASL


Washed & Natural


This is the roast that fuels our cafe & roastery, and for the reason is made to be the most steadfast blend we have. It's the coffee we obsess over, come back to again & again, constantly tinkering to make sure that those final 2 ounces of espresso are consistently excellent.

Primarily roasted to extract under the full pressure of a fine italian-made espresso machine, and stellar stand alone shot or companion to your favorite milk beverage.

And don't let the name fool you... this blend comes out great on a french press or drip brewer.


Espresso, french press

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Our Espresso Blend is the product of one of our in-shop obsessions: how can an espresso shot be both sweet and delicate on its own and also shine through when served with steamed milk in lattes and cappuccinos?

Thousands of roasts later, we believe the answer lies in blending three of our freshest single origin offerings from South America & Ethiopia roasting them to a slightly hotter temperature than usual, which minimizes acidity while allowing sweet fruit notes to come through.

This process also results in a coffee that is exceptionally easy to dial in on both espresso and drip machines, making it the perfect choice for home enthusiasts crafting coffee with any kind of equipment.