Grilled Pineapple, Graham Cracker


Fruit-forward take on the iconic dark roast approach.


French press, Moka pot, espresso, auto drip

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At Upper Left we believe darkly roasting coffee is an important part of the coffee roasting tradition and strive to create and offer the finest dark coffee possible. Our Dark Blend is roasted and blended with great care to offer outstanding sweetness and complexity. It's fruit sweetness along with a slight char finish is truly something to behold and savor, a reminder that dark roasted coffee is the beverage at it’s most fragrant and distinctive, tasting like nothing else.

It’s best not to expect any dark coffees to extract like a light roasted single origin — hyper modern brewing devices will only get you in trouble, stick to the classics for this. Brew for four minutes in a French press to experience both Dark Blend and the iconic device performing at their very best.