Copán, Honduras

Copán, Honduras

Regenerative Organic Certifiedᵀᴹ, Key Lime, Malted Chocolate, Full-bodied & Sweet




Corquin, Copan Region


Parainema, Obata, Caturra & Pacas


1,100 - 1,800 meters


Washed / Regenerative Organic


The next step in a sustainable coffee future - one that works to create a more complete well-being for farm & farmer. This coffee is the first Regenerative Organic Certified coffee to come out of Honduras, and the care in processing & sustainability shows in the quality of the cup.

This coffee is sweet & bright, with enough time in the roaster to create a very rich, full-bodied brewing. Suited for a variety of brewing methods, but arguably best in your standard countertop brewer for cup-after-cup sweetness.


Drip Brew, French Press

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Copán is in the Southwest of Honduras, where the landscape steepens and the climate is cool and seasonal. We source coffees from the Copán and La Paz region of Honduras every year because they are consistantly some of the most exciting offerings in our line up. That makes it all the more exciting to be able to offer this singular, hyper-sustainability-focused crop from the Cafico Cooperative year round.

The CAFICO group themselves have set out on a mission to transform the coffee landscape by embracing sustainability, quality, and innovation, and a remarkable feature that sets CAFICO apart is its resounding emphasis on gender inclusion. Not confined to the role of farmers alone, women find their place within the operational and administrative fabric of the company. This holistic approach underscores CAFICO’s understanding that progress is born from diversity and equal opportunity.