La Roca Honey Process, Colombia

La Roca Honey Process, Colombia

Vanilla, Marzipan, Cara Cara Orange




Gaitania, Tolima




1,850 meters


Honey Process


A citrus & vanilla forward micro lot from the incredible Jorge Rojas, grown in Tolima at the La Roca Estate.

Honey-processing — a process where the cherry skin is removed but the fruit pulp is left intact to dry — gives this cup a heavy sweetness that melds with the Typica varietal's foral, citrus characteristics.


Filter drip, Espresso

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You might remember Jorge Rojas’ stunning “90-hour Tabi varietal” from us almost exactly a year ago... It was our first time working with his coffee, and it blew us away, and we’ve been looking forward to his new harvest ever since. This cup is decidedly different from last year’s – a clean, bright honey processed lot made up of just one varietal, Typica. Honey processing is a farm-level processing choice to keep the sticky, sugar-rich fruit pulp on the seed after the cherry has been removed. As the seed is carefully dried, its sugar content significantly increases. The result here is a juicy, vibrant mix of super-sweet vanilla flavor with zesty floral orange high notes that make this cup exotic & comforting at the same time.

Jorge Elias is an exceptional 32-year-old coffee producer from La Armenia village who currently owns a coffee farm there. At age 12, he took over managing the farm after his father passed away, and his love for coffee has been evident ever since. Despite only studying until the third grade due to his childhood fieldwork, Jorge has become proficient as a physical analyst and coffee taster at ASOPEP.

For several years, Jorge has been producing top-quality coffees used in coffee competitions in Colombia. Currently, he focuses on developing unique protocols for processed and varietal coffees, always striving for consistency and differentiation in his products.