This is an origin focused roast that's made for our NW coffee community. We choose coffees that have innate flavor and body, and roast with just enough heat to create ample sugar development to match.

Current blend components:

· 50% Dimtu Mill, Ethiopia

This is a heirloom washed lot from the lush Guji region of Ethiopia. Member farmers here grow their crop between 1,700 to 2,100 MASL, exchanging their harvest at the Dimtu Mill in Shakiso for coffee prep & export. We love this coffee as a blend component here for it's floral, honey sweetness & slightly fruity body.

· 50% Cosautlan, Mexico

Cosaultan is a field blend from the Barranca Grande Group, who farm on the northern mountain range in Veracruz. It's a classically rich and chocolate-y Mexican profile, that rounds out the cup and gives it a big malty mouthfeel.