El Platanillo Pacamara Natural, Guatemala

El Platanillo Pacamara Natural, Guatemala

blackberry, wildflower honey, orange blossom




San Marcos Department




3,500 ft




A bright, floral, and comforting coffee from the slopes surrounding volcán Tajumulco, courtesy of the good people at El Platanillo.

This natural processed Pacamara is picked to maximize sweetness in it's growing cycle. After 30 days of drying on a raised bed the cherry and mucilage are pulled off of the coffee, leaving us with a delightfully floral cup of Pacamara. This coffee exibits flavors of orange blossom and blackberry which sit neatly on a base of comfortingly sweet Guatemalan terroir.


Filter Drip, Espresso

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This coffee was introduced to us by Samuel Coto, the head of quality control at Finca El Platanillo in the San Marcos Department. Samuel painstakingly tests and tastes every coffee that is grown on the farm, so when he suggested that we try this coffee we listened.

Finca El Platanillo and it's sister farm El Panorama have been run by the Coto family since the early 70s. In that time the family has focused on ways to uplift their community alongside elevating their coffee. This coffee and many others from the farm use a natural process to create the sweetest cup with floral notes. However, this decision was also made with water conservation in mind. Compared to other processes natural processing uses much less water, which saves the fresh water on the farm for use by the communities inside and surrounding El Platanillo. When the Rainforest Alliance came to visit El Platanillo in 2005, the farm was already in compliance with most of their requirements.

This coffee is a wonderful example of our favorite kind of Guatemalan coffee, and with each cup you can rest assured that you're supporting a truly positive force in the coffee world.