The Dark Roast – Grilled Pineapple, Graham Cracker, Caramel, Bold Flavor


Ethiopia & Brazil


A roast for the coffee traditionalist. Roasted fast & hot to preserve origin character while brewing a bold & robust cup.

We suggest a 1:18 coffee-to-water ratio to avoid over-extraction and to make a cleaner, sweet cup.


French press, Moka pot, espresso, auto drip

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Like a lot of roasters, we got our start in this industry roasting dark. We're talking east-coast-italian, cream-and-two-sugars, second-crack dark. And although we've since focused on a more lighter, origin-focused style of roasting, we'd be lying if we said there wasn't still place in our heart for that big, bold, toasty flavor...

And also believe that a dark roast can be done right. We move fast in the roaster and apply as much heat as possible that the coffee will allow - in this way we develop all of the bold sweetness dark roasters love, but preserve some complex origin notes that round out and deepen the cup.

This blend is bold, the perfect companion to creamer — maybe one of the better dark roasts you'll find around.