Wabe Sombo

Wabe Sombo

Pineapple, Banana, Sweet Melon, Blueberry








2050 meters




- Tropical fruit flavor profile
- Exceptionally sweet and clean natural process coffee


Aeropress, Pourover

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As is often the case with some of our very favorite farms and washing stations, Anteneh’s farm is remote enough that it’s a true logistical challenge to visit. It is a full 4-6 hour drive from the nearest hotels depending on road conditions, which means that when you visit you should either bring a tent or set out before dawn, stay for an hour or two, and then turn back around to traverse the red earth roads of Limu back to your bed.

Anteneh partners with Hirtu Berhanu and her sister Mahder Berhanu, who in addition to doing a fantastic job with the family washing station in Dumerso, Yirgacheffe, also vertically integrate with a few likeminded producers like Anteneh. This gives the chance to partner with both in a single integrated supply chain.

An extremely hard worker who is dedicated to quality, Anteneh has been working to implement some unique quality protocols that work with his remote farm context, since it is challenging to visit in person. So far, the results are exceptional.

Natural Process: cherries are carefully picked, with eye for uniform ripe red fruit. These are then placed on raised beds on Anteneh’s farm, where they dry under the hot Ethiopian sun until they reach ideal moisture content of around 10%, 14-21 days depending on the temperature and weather. When rain comes and at night, the workers at the farm cover the beds with the ubiquitous bright yellow plastic that appears on coffee sites all over the country, until it is safe to open them up again. Once fully dried, the cherries are put in jute bags and transported to Addis Ababa for final export processing.